From The Diary of Anne Frank Questions and Answers | Class 7


 From The Diary of Anne Frank

A thirteen - year - old girl in the Netherlands was given a diary for her birthday on June 12 , 1942 . Two days later , she started writing her diary .

               The thirteen - year - old girl was Anne Frank . Born on June 12 , 1929 , she was the daughter of Otto H . Frank and her mother was Edith Frank . The world would not have known her had her diary not been published after her death . Anne Frank died in a concentration camp in early March 1945 . Her father Otto Frank was the sole member of the family who survived World War II . । |              Though she had started writing her diary in the summer of 1942 , it was never with an intention of creating a record of her experiences during the World War . This was a way to pass time fruitfully while hiding from the German army in an underground safe house .

Anne ' s , voice has reached out across continents and generations , and her diary is one of the IOst important documents of the tragedies of the war . |
 Sunday , 14th June , 1942 
           On Friday , 12th June , I woke up at six o ' clock and no wonder ; it was my birthday . But of course I was not allowed to get up at that hour , so I had to control imy curiosity until a quarter to seven . Then I could bear it no longer , and went to the dining - room , where I received a warm welcome from Moortie ( the cat ) .
           Soon after seven I went to Mummy and Daddy and then to the sitting - room to undo my presents . The first to greet me was you , possibly the nicest of all . Then on the table there was a bunch of roses , a plant and some peonies , and more arrived during the day . |
               I got masses of things from Mummy and Daddy , and was thoroughly spoilt by Various friends . Amongst other things I was given “ Camera Obscura , a party game , lots of sweets , chocolates , a puzzle , a brooch , Tales and Legends of the Netherlands , by Joseph Cohen , Daisys Mountain Holiday ( a wizard book ) , and some money . Now I can buy The Myths of Greece and Rome - grand !
              Then Lies came to fetch me and we went to school , During break I stood everyone sweet biscuits , and then we had to go back to our lessons .
             Now I must stop . Bye - bye , we ' re going to be great pals !

Here is another diary entry dated 20th June , 1942 . 
20th June , 1942 

 I haven ' t written for a few days , because I wanted first of all to think about my diary . It ' s an odd idea for someone like me to keep a diary ; not only because I have never done so before , but because it seems to me that neither I - nor for that matter anyone else - will be interested in the unbosomings of a thirteen - year - old schoolgirl Still , what does that matter ? I want to Write , but more than that , I want to bring out all kinds of things that lie buried deep in my heart .

        | There is a saying that “ paper is more patient than man ; it came back tomeon one of my slightly melancholy days , while1 sat chin in hand , feeling too bored and limneven to make up my mind whether to go out or to stay at home . Yes , there is no doubt that  paper is patient and as I don ' t intend to show this cardboard - covered

 notebook , bearing the proud name of “ diary ” , to anyone , unless I find a real friend , boy or girl , probably nobody cares . And now I come to root of the matter , the reason for my starting a diary : it is that I have no such real friend . . . _

        Hence , this diary . In order to enhance in my mind ' s eye the picture of the friend for whom I have waited so long , I don ' t want to set down a series of bald facts in a diary like most people do , but I want this diary itself to be my friend , and I shall call my friend Kitty . No one will grasp what I ' m talking about if I begin my letters to Kitty just out of the blue , so , albeit unwillingly , I will start by sketching in brief the story of my life .

1 . Let ' s see how much we have understood :

 ( a ) Where was Anne Frank from ?
এনি ফ্ৰ্যাংক কৰ আছিল?
Ans:- Anne Frank was from the Nether lands.

 ( b ) How has the voice of Anne Frank reached out across continents and generations ?
এনি ফ্ৰ্যাংক মাত কিদৰে মহাদেশ আৰু বংশধৰ সকলে পাইছিল?
 Ans:- Anne Frank's Voice has reached out a cross continents and generetions with the help of her diary.

 ( c ) What did Anne Frank see lying on the table among her other birthday presents ?
এনি ফ্ৰ্যাংক তাই জন্ম দিনৰ উপহাৰৰ মাজত টেবুলত কি দেখিছিল?
Ans:- Anne Frank saw her diary lying on the table among her other birthday.

 ( d ) Why did Anne Frank remain in her bed lying till a quarter to seven on her birthday ?
এনি ফ্ৰ্যাংক তাই ৭ ম জন্ম দিনা কিয় তিনি ভাগৰ এক অংশ বিচনাত শুই আছিল?

 ( e ) Who does you in the lesson refer to ?

( f ) What is “ Camera Obscura ?

 ( g ) Who welcomed Anne in the dining room ?

( h ) Why does Anne Frank think that it is an odd idea for someone like her to keep a diary ?

 ( i ) How does Anne Frank describe her feelings in one of her slightly melancholy days ?
 j ) Who is kitty ?

 2 . Read the text and write the dates related to Anne Frank ' s life .
Date of birth

Year of death

Date of starting her diary

3. Read the text and fill the columns with a list of the gifts given to Anne on her birthday: 

Gifts given to Anne Frank
Who gave them

4 . Let ' s learn some grammar :

( a ) Read the following sentences carefully and note the use of the words printed in bold italics .

 i ) Anne Frank started writing her diary in the summer of 1942 . Today , Anne ' s voice has reached out across continents and generations and her diary is one of the most important documents of the war .

 - ( ii ) Rian started writing books at the age of fifteen . Now , he has become a well - known writer .

 ( iii ) Rashmi had started learning the guitar when she was in school . Now , she has opened a music school of her own where she teaches the guitar .

 ( iv ) Sagar finished his homework immediately after he had returned from school . Now , he has gone out to play .

Note the following :
The Past Perfect form is used to show that an action happened before another in the past .

 For example : The plane had landed before we reached the airport . In this sentence , had landed is an example of the Past Perfect form . The action of the plane landing happened before the other action took place . The other action in this case is before we reached the airport . ”

( b ) Fill in the blank spaces in the following paragraph about Reema with the verbs given in brackets:
 Reema was very happy on Sunday . She was given a diary on her birthday . She ( receive ) other gifts too , such as flowers and chocolates . Her
 grandmother                 ( send ) her a letter , which reached just on time . Reema
               _ _ ( bake ) biscuits , which she distributed at school . She also                     
 ( spend ) some of her pocket money to buy a few stickers for her friends .

 Let us revise the different forms of the verb have . The verb have has the following forms : 

Note how these verbs are used as helping verbs ( also called auxiliary verbs ) in sentences :

( i ) Have : I have received three gifts .

 ( ii ) Has : Reema has left just now . _
 Both these sentences have the auxiliary verb have ' in the Present tense .

 Now read the following sentences where the verb have is used as a helping verb in the Past tense : ( iii ) Had : Her grandmother had sent her a letter which she recieved this morning .

 ( iv ) Had : We had given her a bouquet of flowers which made her happy .

 Now fill in the blanks in the following paragraph with the appropriate forms of the verbs given in brackets :

 “ Today . . . . . . . . . . . . . ( be ) a special day , ” Reema thought . “ Grandma . . . . . ( have send ) such a beautiful letter ! I wish she . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ( has come ) here herself , but she . . . . . . . . . . . . . ( have fall ) ill , and can ' t come ! ”

5 . Read the following sentence :

The teacher handed out the worksheets to the students . Note that the verb handed is a main verb used in the Past tense . Main verbs can be of two types :

 ( a ) Regular verbs : These are verbs that form their Past tense and Past participle forms according to an established pattern . Most verbs have a Past tense and Past participle with - ed . e . g . play - played - played | walk - walked - walked

( b ) Irregular verbs : They are verbs that do not follow the established pattern when they take their Past tense and Past participle forms . e . g . drink - drank - drunk ring - rang - rung

Some irregular verbs do not change their forms
. e . g . cut - cut - cut                                                            hit - hit - hit

There are some verbs which take forms like the following in the Past tense and Past participle
 think - thought - thought                                        _ catch - caught - caught

The verb go takes the forms
                 go - went - gone

Learn more about irregular verbs with the help of your teacher . You can also consult a dictionary for a list of irregular verbs .

Now complete the sentences by filling in the blanks with the simple Past | form of the verbs given in brackets .

( i ) Another birthday has gone by , so I ' m now fifteen . I ( receive ) quite a few gifts .

( ii ) Peter _ _ ( give ) me a lovely bouquet of peonies ; the poor boy had put a lot of effort into finding a present , but nothing quite ( work ) out ,

( iii ) Churchill was on a torpedo boat that _ ( shell ) the coast .